Lumbar Spinal Stenosis


Spinal stenosis is a medical disorder characterized by a narrowing of the spinal canal. Many factors can lead to spinal stenosis like, for example, degeneration of the spinal column and intervertebral discs, bone spurs, trauma and injuries to the spinal column, etc.

Problems with the spinal cord will affect virtually everyone as we get older, but the severity of the symptoms will depend from its cause, location and the size of the person’s spinal canal.

Spinal stenosis can affect almost every part of the spine. However, spinal stenosis is more common in its lumbar and cervical part.

The most common causes of lumbar spinal stenosis include:

  • HERNIATED DISC: cartilage discs work like cushions and shock absorbers for the vertebral column. In cases of any injuries of the back or degenerative diseases that affect the discs, making them weak or even tear, the center of the discs pops out, compressing the spinal nerves.
  • SPINAL INJURIES: major trauma to the spine.
  • THICKENED LIGAMENTS: ligaments can become stiff and thickened over the time, narrowing this way the spinal canal.
  • OVERGROWTH OF THE BONE: bone spurs can grow due to osteoarthritis and put pressure on the spinal cord.
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