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Getting you back to work.

At PMPJ we treat ALL work related injuries. We evaluate for maximal medical improvement and impairment ratings along with workplace restriction.

Whether you have an injury that occurred during an on-site work accident or if the injury has developed due to repetitive muscle strain over time, we can assess your pain and put you on a custom pain management regime that will heal you and build strength to prevent further injury. Dr. Khanna’s goal is to simplify and provide the optimal medical care to patients by freely discussing all aspects of concerns regarding claims with adjustors, case managers, and nurses without any renumeration.

Services to case managers and claims adjustors include:

Independent Medical Evaluations:
  • Medication Management
  • Spine Injections & Procedures
  • Patient Education
  • Work-Related & Separation from Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Implementation of Integrated Treatment Plans
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