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I love Dr. Khanna . . .

Dr Khanna
I love Dr. Khanna. She listens and understands and truly helps you out. She got rid of some real pain I was having after shoulder surgery. This doctor is top on my list. She will not disappoint.
- Valued Patient
“Top notch. Very satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge.”
- Valued Patient
I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have Dr. Khanna. She actually sees “me” for me and not just a numbered patient as some other places do that I’ve experienced. She’s not just helping to manage my pain, but her heart and care as a provider is helping to change my life.
- Valued Patient

"Very pleased with Dr. Khanna ' s knowledge and skills. Took my father to her. Would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a competent doctor who really assesses you as a person."

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