Postpartum Pelvic Pain


Sometimes pain from other areas of the body, such as the back or groin can radiate to the hip. You might notice that your pain gets worse with activity, especially if it’s caused by arthritis. Along with the pain, you might have reduced range of motion. Some people develop a limp from persistent hip pain.

Cartilage holds the two bones of your pelvis together. During pregnancy, hormones (relaxin) cause the cartilage that holds the two halves of your pelvic bone together to soften, allowing the pelvis to be more flexible. Cartilage holds the two bones of your pelvis together. Unfortunately, sometimes the pubis "gives" too much and creates a gap between the bones, which is a cause of pelvic pain. This is called symphysis pubis disruption (SPD).

Pain in the pubic area and groin are the most common symptoms, though you may also notice:

  • Back pain, pain at the back of your pelvis or hip pain.
  • Pain, along with a grinding or clicking sensation in the pelvis.
  • Pain down the inside of your thighs or between your legs.
  • Pain that's made worse by parting your legs, walking, going up or down stairs or moving around in bed.
  • Pain that's worse at night and stops you from sleeping well.
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