Rotator Cuff / Slap Lesions


A rotator cuff is a circular band of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulders. The role of these muscles and tendons is to keep the top of the arm in the shoulder socket, in a firm position. Rotator cuff injuries occur mostly due to repeated movements of the hands and shoulder over the head, like while working or training a sport. Some people are at a greater risk suffering from a rotator cuff injury than others.

Rotator cuff injuries are common among carpenters, painters, tennis players, and more. Rotator cuff injuries tend to run in the families, so it is believed that genetics also plays a role. The risk of an injury of the rotator cuff increases as we get older.

Rotator cuff injuries are painful and they also reduce the motion range of the affected arm and shoulder. The most common signs and symptoms of rotator cuff injury include:

  • Pain as a dull ache located deep in the shoulder which tends to get worse when moving the affected arm and shoulder.
  • Mild or severe arm weakness.
  • Sleeping problems, especially when you lie on the shoulder.
  • Difficulties performing everyday tasks like dressing up, reaching your back, combing your hair, and more.
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